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Inner Movement


The objective of this movement is that you can reach the end of these 7 days taking care of the moments and thoughts that end up draining you during the day-to-day. ​ This can often take you out of your way, and make it difficult to connect with yourself. Therefore, this will be a time to take care of yourself, because when you take care of yourself, you start to feel, think and deal with things in a different way. ​ Start listening to your heart more and more and get out of automatic. This is the time to connect, realize and get to know yourself more and more. MEDITATIONS: 1.  THE STRESS 2. THE RELAX 3. THE SPIRITUAL EVOLVER 4. THE DEPRESSION 5. THE MANIFESTATION 6. NEGATIVE THINKING 7. REPAIRING SLEEP The 7 meditations will be for you to work on your self-knowledge and release from your body what prevents you from achieving your dreams and goals. You will also have access to the Inner Movement group on Telegram, where you will connect with people who have participated or are participating in this same process. Let's transform and move your interior together!!!

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